End of Year Teacher/Staff Survey 2016-2017

Directions: This survey is being administered as part of statewide evaluation of the 21st CCLC program in Maryland. Your responses concerning the planning and implementation of the 21st CCLC program will be an important part of the evaluation.  Please answer all questions candidly.  Be assured that the information you provide will be treated confidentially; you will not be identified with any responses, anecdotal or otherwise. Thank you.  Please submit your responses by Friday, June  5, 2017.

* 1. What is the name of the 21st CCLC Program where you work?

* 2. What is the name of the SITE where you work?

* 3. How long have you worked at the 21st CCLC Program

* 4. What is your highest educational degree

* 5. Are you currently a school day teacher?

* 6. Have you participated in 21st CCLC program-sponsored professional development activities this year?

* 7. If yes, please indicate the topic areas that were covered during professional development.

* 8. How many hours of professional development have you participated in since August of 2016

* 9. To what extent do the following statements  describe your 21st CCLC program?
The activities at the program involve students interacting and developing discussions, products, and/or performance with the guidance of program staff.

* 10. Students are  challenged academically?

* 11. Students are offered enrichment opportunities?

* 12. Students are offered hands on, project based learning?

* 13. Students are offered character education and service learning opportunities?

* 14. Students are encouraged to try new things at the program?

* 15. Students take ownership of, and identify with, the program (e.g., may refer to it as "our program"?

* 16. Students are engaged, focused and interested in activities at the program?

* 17. Program staff knows students individually, including their interests and strengths?

* 18. The staff are committed to their work?

* 19. Staff members support each other and work as a team?

* 20. Students have structured opportunities to interact with, and get to know, their peers?

* 21. How would you rate the curriculum materials and instructional resources that you use? 
Are appropriate for all students?

* 22. Provide real-world examples that students can relate to?

* 23. Align with (or tied to ) concepts that the students are learning in school?

* 24. Provide students ample opportunity to practice new skills/ learn new concepts?

* 25. Allow teachers to adapt in order to accommodate the varying learning styles of students?

* 26. How often does the following  communication occur between you and the school day?
Do you communicate about curriculum concepts being taught at school?

* 27. Do you communicate about what students are expected to do for homework assignments?

* 28. Do you communicate about the needs/progress of individual students?

* 29. How do you feel about the frequency of  communication that exists

* 30. Below are statements about the relationship between the program an community partners. About how many partners would you say are reflected in each statement? A community partner is "any organization other than the grantee that is actively contributing to the 21st CCLC-funded project." 

The program has developed plans that describe the purpose of the partnership?

* 31. There are clear roles for the program staff and our community partner?

* 32. The program staff and community partner communicate as often as needed about programming?

* 33. I am satisfied with nature and frequency of communication with the community partner?

* 34. I am satisfied with my overall experience with the community partner?

* 35. Problems/Barriers that have been encountered have been adequately addressed through the partnership?

* 36. The community partner provides a valuable service to the students in our program?

* 37. How often do you communicate with parents?

* 38. What do you think has been the most beneficial to the students of the after school program?

* 39. Additional Comments: