We received bids from four cities interested in hosting the 2012 North American Beer Bloggers Conference. For each area below, please indicate your likely interest in attending the conference. Ultimately, a conference in any location would have two excellent dinners, many beers from many breweries, and a Thursday night activity. Unless otherwise indicated, the conference would again be in July, likely July 13-15. Please note this survey is only open to Citizen Beer Bloggers in North America - you must list your blog and be on our Complete List of Beer Blogs to vote.

* 1. Asheville, North Carolina: We all know Asheville has won the online Best Beer City USA poll in recent years. This is in part due to the strong organization of the Asheville Brewers Alliance, a 16-member brewers alliance which has agreed to provide two dinners for our group.
- Positives: Strong support from local brewers association (most cities don't even have one) and visitors association. Great small mountain city - this is the only small city on the list, which can be nice for a beer bloggers conference.
- Negatives: Direct flights only from limited cities, which means everyone from the West Coast will have a connection and possibly higher flight costs.

* 2. Austin, Texas: Austin has a vibrant beer scene, with at least 10 local breweries. Local BBC veteran Lou DiCello is heading up the bid and has promised dinners at his brewery, Uncle Billy's, and possibly the North by Northwest Brewpub. He has also secured rooms at an excellent hotel at a reasonable rate.
- Positives: Strong local support. Austin is a fun city that would be a great place to visit. The airport has direct flights to 36 locations.
- Negatives: Austin is hot in the summer and to avoid that, the only date we have available is April 6-8.

* 3. Indianapolis, Indiana: This is perhaps our most unusual bid. We all know Indianapolis is not known as a beer scene. However, as a local brewer told us, "Since beer blogging is all about discovery and sharing, Indianapolis is the perfect place for a future conference." Friday dinner would be at the 1-million case warehouse of Monarch Beverages, Saturday would be outdoors at the Indianapolis City Market, and we would have an optional Thursday excursion to 3 Floyds.
- Positives: Strong support from BBC attendee Bob Mack of World Class Beverages, which might allow us to have more involvement from retailers and distributors. Nice central location easy to reach from all areas of the country.
- Negatives: Indianapolis simply does not have the number of local breweries we have had in Portland or Boulder.

* 4. St. Louis, Missouri: This is another intriguing bid, in part because St. Louis has a huge beer history and is transforming from being a big-brewery town to a center of craft beer, with a dozen local breweries and brew pubs. Dinners include an outdoor BBQ and beer festival in downtown Forest Park and a catered dinner at the Schafly Tap Room, which promises to "knock our socks off".
- Positives: Strong support from BBC attendee Troika Brodsky of Schafly Brewing. Good central location in the middle of the country. Interesting tie-in to St. Louis' beer history.
- Negatives: St. Louis might not be at the top of your "to visit" list.

* 5. Do you have any questions or comments for us? If you would like to suggest a different city, please participate by organizing a bid for that city for the 2013 BBC.

* 6. What is your name and your blog name? (Required to vote in this survey.)