Thank you for helping us collect your input for the State Hazard Mitigation Plan. Below is a list of questions discussed during the Plan Integration and Capability Meeting held on 8/2/2017.

Please complete question 1. All other questions are optional. Please provide answers to as many questions as you like.

* 1. Please provide your Name, Title, and Agency/Department

* 2. If you had limitless time and resources, how would you prioritize improving capabilities to meet the goals of the Hazard Mitigation Plan?

* 3. What hazards have the most capabilities associated?  Which the least?  Where are the biggest, most important gaps between needs and capabilities?

* 4. What capabilities exist that aren’t being recognized in this plan?

* 5. Where should the state prioritize building capabilities?

* 6. Do you have projects you want to do but haven’t? Why?

* 7. What obstacles and challenges does your department or organization face in terms of implementing mitigation projects?

* 8. Do other agencies have plans or programs that contradict your hazard mitigation efforts?

* 9. What are some suggestions for addressing obstacles and challenges for plan integration and mitigation capabilities in the Commonwealth?

* 10. Have there been any new plans or policies put in place in your department that could support the SHMP? What are they?

* 11. Do you have examples of integration efforts that are working well?  

* 12. What types of things would improve your organizational capabilities? Training? Funding? External Support? Etc.

* 13. Are there specific recommendations you have for improving your organization's capabilities to implement hazard mitigation?