Dear Fellow Texans,

This year Texas Folklife is concluding our ambitious survey of foodways, or food traditions, in the Lone Star State. Our belief is that by learning about the diverse stories of Texas traditions of cooking, mealtimes, gardening and agriculture, and festivals and holiday foods, we will find out much more about the enduring and evolving traditions of our state.

We invite you to take “a place at the table” and tell us about your family’s favorite dishes, or the work you do to produce food for your family or for the market. Over the past few years we have been traveling around the state visiting festivals, conducting interviews and meeting Texans from all cultural backgrounds with a story to tell. Your food story could become part of new exhibits, radio and television documentaries and placed as a legacy for future generations in Texas libraries.

Please join us by answering a few questions about the foodways of your family, community, and region.

Remember to click "DONE" at the bottom of the survey to submit your answers.

1. Please tell us about yourself.

(Please provide your phone number and/or e-mail if we may contact you. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.)

2. How would you describe your heritage?
(Czech, Mexican, Vietnamese, etc)

3. What food traditions are special in your family?
(food at holidays, recipe from grandparents, favorite vegetable to grow, etc)

4. Do you have a particular memory or story associated with these traditions? Please describe.

5. What community events serve food and when are these events held?
(church picnics, sausage making, festivals, etc)

6. What are the foods, foodways or agricultural products that your community and region are known for? (pecans, kolaches, cabrito, etc)

THANK-YOU for your taking the time to share your food traditions and memories. If you have a little more time and want to tell us more please continue with the survey.

To stop now, press "DONE" at the bottom of the survey to submit.

7. Do you live in a rural, suburban or urban area and how long have you lived in your community?

8. Were you raised in Texas? Were your parents?

9. Does your family have a vegetable garden or raise animals for food? If so what do you grow or raise?

10. If you preserve food, please tell us what methods you use. (canning, drying, freezing, etc)

11. What are the foods you remember from childhood that are no longer served?

12. How are meals different from the way they used to be?

13. What is the occasion in your community that people come together to prepare food?

14. Can you refer us to individuals in your community who are knowledgeable about local foodways? (Growers, gardeners, ranchers, home cooks, restaurant cooks or owners, vendors, etc)

15. If you have more than one foodways contact to share, use this space.

16. How did you learn about this survey?