Jouzour Loubnan's Forest Day Competition

* 1. List 5 reforestation sites Jouzour Loubnan plants in

* 2. When was Jouzour Loubnan founded and what is its mission?

* 3. What was Jouzour Loubnan’s 2017 awareness campaign's slogan?

* 4. Name 5 natural reserves in Lebanon

* 5. What is a “biodiversity hotspot”? And is Lebanon a 'biodiversity hotspot'?

* 6. Name two native tree species that can be planted above 2000m altitude in Lebanon.

* 7. Find the Arabic name of the following trees: 
Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens    
Syrian maple - Acer obtusifolium    
Carob - Ceratonia siliqua
Judas tree - Cercis siliquastrum
Laurel - Laurus nobilis

* 8. Name the bird that helps in the process of germination of Juniper trees

* 9. Do Fig trees grow flowers?

* 10. Enter your name and email then list 3 actions that we can do to protect our forests