Moving Forward with Insights from the Church Community

Taking time to reflect and then respond with honesty and grace will be extremely important to Bethlehem's leadership as they explore at the Leadership Retreat April 21-22 what the church's next steps might be to increase relevancy and remain faithful to the commitment of being rooted in scriptural truths.  All surveys are confidential.  Thank you for being a part of what is yet to come! 

* 1. What do you think Bethlehem's purpose is...why we exist?

* 2. If you are currently not active beyond attending Sunday morning worship service,  what might be impacting your decision to not be engaged in ministries at Bethlehem?

* 3. What is something you would like to see at Bethlehem that currently is not happening?

* 4. What do you think Bethlehem as a church family could do to increase the number of visitors?  Consider your role in this and also what steps the church could take.

* 5. A personal invitation to people we know in the community is typically what brings new visitors through the doors on Sunday morning or for other events, this is also something most of us struggle with.  What are reasons you might not be inviting people you know?

* 6. What is going well at Bethlehem, what are strengths you observe?

* 7. What are current challenges you see at Bethlehem?

* 8. What would inspire you to be engaged beyond Sunday morning worship service?

* 9. What is your age?

* 10. What is your gender?