Questionnaire of recruitment analysis

On behalf of the OMNEON™ study team we would appreciate your input into a simple recruitment analysis we are conducting for the MK3102-18 study.
Please enter your basic information in questoin #1, then answer either question #2 or #3 based on the initiated status of your site.
We thank you sincerely in advance for your support with this request and would appreciate your input by Monday 26th August if at all possible.

* 1. Please enter your information. Please ensure you are the only representative of your site to avoid double entry.

* 2. If your site is already initiated and randomizing patients please confirm how the number of additional patients you are able to randomize from now through to 31 October 2014.

* 3. If your site is not yet initiated please consider the how many randomized patients you will be able to achieve taking in to account your site expected initiation date.