It's your turn to tell us how we're doing

The Statewide Office of Audit and Consulting Services would appreciate your participation in a customer survey that is part of our department’s quality assurance and improvement program (QAIP). The purpose of the QAIP is to: assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit activity; identify opportunities and offer ideas and counsel for improving the performance of the internal audit activity; and ensure conformance with the Institute of Internal Auditor International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. Your candid response to the survey will assist us with assessing strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

* 1. Indicate the extent to which the audit customer was involved in the planning process. This includes the auditor's consideration of the audit customer's concerns during planning and explanation of the audit process by the auditor.

* 2. Indicate the extent to which the audit addressed areas of high or considerable risk for the department/function/process audited.

* 3. Indicate the reasonableness of interaction required from department staff and management as the audit progressed. This includes the auditor's ability to keep time spent to a reasonable amount on-site at the customer's location and consideration of their time constraints and normal work activities.

* 4. The frequency with which the auditor communicated updates on the status of the audit was:

* 5. Findings and recommendations were communicated clearly, and the audit customer's response to each was acknowledged.

* 6. The audit process was conducted in a professional manner.

* 7. The audit report and recommendations will be useful to management responsible for the department/function/process audited.

* 8. The audit report process encouraged comments, input and response by the audit customer in a reasonable manner.

* 9. The audit staff demonstrated interest, enthusiasm and strong listening skills throughout the audit process.

* 10. The audit process added value to university operations.

* 11. (Optional) For us to best use the feedback to assess our performance and see where improvements are needed, please provide your name or the name of the audit of which you are responding to.

* 12. (Optional) What suggestions could you make to help us improve our service?