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Thank you for taking the time to participate in our feedback survey! As a resource site, CTTW exists to provide a central meeting place to the roleplay community. We gather and share our content, experiences, advice, and opinions -- and most importantly, none of this happens without our members. As a staff team, we are hoping to use your input to establish our strengths and weaknesses so that we can continue to improve on the solid foundation we have built. 

The survey is entirely anonymous. We don't ask for your username or save your IP. Some responses may be shared with moderators at administration's discretion, but the full content of your survey feedback will kept among administrators. None of the questions are required, and many you will likely be able to skip as they are an optional elaboration on a previous answer, but please keep in mind that the more information we have to work with at the end, the more we can seek to better Caution! 

The areas that you will see questions on are: 
       1. You! Some basic questions about yourself
       2. Caution's community, cbox, and discussions boards
       3. Caution's staff team
       4. Challenges
       5. Resources (including requests and help threads)

We look forward to reading your criticism, though ask that it is constructive and respectful. 

Thank you again!

- Caution staff

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