1. Description of Project

This portion of the proposal focuses on assessing public interest in the development of a dedicated human-powered transportation infrastructure. A related effort is currently underway by the Adventure Cycling Association, based in Missoula, Montana. Preliminary conversations with Julie Emnett have indicated that there is a national need and interest to establish a national human-powered vehicle infrastructure. Preliminary efforts have been coordinated through the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials) to develop a bicycle route system that would cross the 48 contiguous United States. Their proposed system of interconnected bike routes would cross state borders and link major metropolitan cities.

As part of an engineering design course at Drexel University, we are considering ways to enhance and improve existing bicycle infrastructure within the United States as a way to reduce obesity, pollution, global warming, and dependence on foreign oil. Such improvements we are considering include an enclosed system that allows for scenic views and a constant tailwind to reduce wind resistance and human work. The test-bed we are considering is a portion of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.

The purpose of this survey is to assess support levels for development of such a system and to evaluate our mode of implementation.

* When appropriate, please answer questions with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. *