* 1. Below is a list of crime related and neighbourhood problems. Do you feel that any of these are a problem to you personally IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD?

  Major Problem Small problem Not a Problem
Drug misuse (dealers and users)
Street Robbery
Vehicles Being Broken Into
Vehicles Being Stolen
Alcohol Abuse
Cycling on Pavements
Disorder in Public Places
Dog Fouling
Empty, Derelict or Boarded up Buildings
Loud music/Parties
Under Age Drinking
Young People Hanging Around
Speeding Vehicles
Other Vehicle Nuisance
Abandoned Vehicles
Parking on Pavements and Verges

* 2. Are there any other crime related or neighbourhood problems IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD, which are not listed? If so, please state.

* 3. Have you been a victim of crime IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD in the last 12 months?

* 4. If you answered "No" to question 3 please go to question 9. If you answered "Yes" to question 3, please state the type(s) of crime and the number of times that you have been a victim in the last 12 months.

* 5. Did you report the crime to the Police and if not, why not?

* 6. Did you know who committed the crime?

* 7. If you answered "Yes" to question 6, did you tell the Police who thought it was; and if not, why not?

* 8. Were you satisfied by the service provided by Surrey Police? Please briefly state the reasons for your answer.

* 9. Has anyone you know been a victim of crime IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD in the last 12 months and if so, what?

* 10. Does fear of crime IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD affect your lifestyle in any way? If so, please state what type of crime you are fearful of and how it affects your lifestyle.

* 11. Is your fear of becoming a victim of crime influenced by any of the following? You may tick more than one box.

* 12. Are there any places in the Runnymede Borough area where you feel particularly unsafe

* 13. Have you, or anyone in your household, suffered from anti-social behaviour in the Runnymede Borough area in the last three years?

* 14. Overall, how satisfied are you with living in your neighbourhood?

* 15. Overall, how do you feel that the crime and disorder situation has changed IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD in the last 12 months?

* 16. Please indicate whether you think the following crime and disorder prevention measures are adequate, need improving or are not applicable.

  Adequate Needs Improving Not Applicable
Closing Passage ways
Lighting in Streets and Public Places
Local Police Patrols
Security and Design of new buildings in residential areas

* 17. Are there any measures not listed, which you feel would help to reduce the opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour to be committed, IN YOUR AREA?

* 18. Are you aware of the CCTV scheme in the Runnymede Borough area?

* 19. If you are aware of the CCTV scheme, do you feel that it has had an impact on the following?

  Yes No
The Levels of Crime
Fear of Becoming a Victim of Crime
The Detection of Crime

* 20. Which of the following crime prevention schemes, which have recently been running or are still running in the Runnymede Borough area, are you aware of?

* 21. How often do you take the following measures to avoid becoming a victim of a crime?

  Never Sometimes Usually Always Not Applicable
Lock up your home when you go out
Set a burglar alarm when you go out
Check the identity of any caller to your home
Lock your car when leaving it
Keep all valuables in your car, out of sight
Set your car alarm when leaving it
Active member of neighbourhood watch
Ask your neighbours to "keep an eye" on your property when you are away

* 22. Are there any other specific actions you can suggest, which would reduce any fear you may have of you, or a member of your household, becoming a victim of crime?

* 23. Please state your gender

* 24. Into which age category do you fit?

* 25. How long have you lived in your area?

* 26. Do you have any children of the following age groups living with you?

* 27. Please state the road that you live in and your postcode. This information is important as it will allow us to analyse the findings by area. It will NOT be used to identify you.

* 28. If you would like to comment further on any of the issues covered by this survey, please use the space below.

* 29. If you would like us to respond to any concern, which you have raised, please provide your email address below.