Thank you for attending our 2013 conference – we hope you found it a useful and rewarding experience and we would love to hear your thoughts. The feedback form below will help us to improve our future conference and ensure the content we offer is both relevant and enjoyable.

* 1. Are you a member of IfA?

* 2. How did you hear about the IfA Conference?

* 3. Did the event match your expectations?

* 4. How was the overall organisation of the event?

* 5. Was the booking process easy and information on the event readily available?

* 6. Are there any ways in which the event could have been improved?

* 7. Are there any aspects of the event you were not satisfied with?

* 8. Do you feel the conference provided value for money?

* 9. How appropriate were the venue facilities?

* 10. How was the quality of the food?

* 11. In your opinion, what is the most important feature we should look for when choosing a venue?

* 12. Which social and networking events did you attend?

* 13. Did you enjoy the events and feel they were priced appropriately?

* 14. Was the content of the presentations relevant and current?

* 15. Was the delivery and quality of the presentations satisfactory?

* 16. Did you feel the length of the presentation was appropriate?

* 17. Were there enough opportunities for interaction and to ask questions?

* 19. Any further comments on the training workshops?

* 20. This year we ran training sessions over half day and shorter length formats – do you think it is useful having different formats?

* 21. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions for future improvements.

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