* 1. What level of software testing experience did you have before attending this workshop?

* 2. Which frontend testing topics did you have experience with prior to the workshops?

* 3. How challenging did you find the Mocha sample activity?

* 4. How challenging did you find the Chai sample activity?

* 5. How challenging did you find the Sinon sample activity?

* 6. How could the sample activities be improved?

* 7. Were you able to get help when you needed it?

* 8. Was the presentation given at a good pace?

* 9. Do you plan to use Mocha, Sinon or Chai for your projects?

* 10. Overall, were you satisfied with this workshop, dissatisfied with this event, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied?

* 11. How could the experience of the workshops be improved?

* 12. Would you attend another Formidable Labs Workshop?

* 13. What other topics would you like to see in future workshops?

* 14. If you'd like to stay informed of future workshops, please leave your email below.

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