Welcome to Shire of East Pilbara - Arts and Culture Survey

Thank you for participating in our Arts and Culture Survey 2018. 

The development of an Arts and Culture Strategy enables a strategic and coordinated approach to arts and cultural development in the East Pilbara.  The Strategy, through this survey, also ensures the involvement of the community in the process.

This survey gives you the opportunity to let the Shire know what your views are in relation to the objectives of the strategy and the types of arts and cultural activities you would like to see developed or made available in our region.

If you have any queries in relation to either this survey or the development of the Arts and Culture Strategy please contact either Pip Parsonson (mcw@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au) or Danielle Airton (ccw@eastpilbara.wa.gov.au) or by phone on 08 9175 8000.