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* 1. Thank you for your interest in participating in our new SleepScore Labs research study! SleepScore Labs invites you to test two different fragrances designed to help you sleep. You will be compensated up to $180 per study if you complete all the study requirements.

If you qualify for the study and agree to participate, you must:

- use the fragrance for 14 days and track your sleep for 18 days

- answer 2 short daily questionnaires every day, plus 3 longer questionnaires at specified times during the study

There are additional eligibility requirements we need to go over to check if you would be a good fit for the study.

By clicking the button below, you agree to answer the following questions, and you are aware that your answers will only be used by SleepScore Labs to verify your suitability for this study.

Please note that for your privacy and security we do not store any of your answers to these eligibility questions. This means that if you have previously taken any of our other eligibility questionnaires, we have not kept a record of your previous answers for this study or for future studies.

Incomplete questionnaires cannot be considered for eligibility.