* 1. Should the Governor’s 2012 tax plan, which created the budget deficit, be repealed?

* 2. Should the LLC and business tax exemption on non-wage income be repealed?

* 3. Should the upper income individual tax bracket be reinstated? (We had three until 2012 when the top bracket was eliminated).

* 4. Should across the board cuts be made to all departments to solve the budget deficit?

* 5. Should more money be borrowed from the highway fund to solve the budget deficit?

* 6. Should school districts have their budgets cut 5% for the remainder
of this year to solve the budget deficit?

* 7. Should the KPERS (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System) 
payments be reduced by almost $420 million to solve the budget deficit?

* 8. Should future tobacco settlement money (used for early childhood programs) be sold (securitized) for less than its value to solve the budget deficit?

* 9. Should Kansas use federal dollars to expand Medicaid, if there is little or no cost to the state?

* 10. Should wine and strong beer be sold at grocery stores and/or convenience stores?