1. Bangalore airport survey

This survey is being conducted to obtain the feedback of the citizens of Bangalore on access to the new airport in Devanahalli and determine possible solutions.

* 1. Are you concerned about congestion and long travel time to the new Airport (BIAL), given inadequate access roads and rail links ?

* 2. From what part of the city will you be travelling to the Devanahalli airport ?

* 3. How long do you think it will take from your home/work to reach BIAL, given the above ?

* 4. Since the government has failed to provide adequate access infrastructure to BIAL, would you like the current HAL airport to remain functional along with BIAL, till we have good quality and affordable access infrastructure to reach airport in an hour or less ?

* 5. Would you like Bangalore to have both HAL and BIAL remain functional like all major cities in the world, even after good quality access infrastructure has been provided for ?

* 6. BIAL charges each passenger a usage fee of Rs. 675 per ticket for domestic passengers and Rs.955 per ticket for International passengers.