* 1. What is your preference on residential parking programs?

* 2. How would you consider discussing and choosing a new program?

If the majority of respondents indicate a preference for development of a residential parking permit program, staff recommends the implementation of a pilot program in one or two neighborhoods before citywide implementation.

* 3. Would you be interested in participating in a parking permit pilot program on your street?

* 4. Assuming a neighborhood volunteers to participate, how long should a pilot program be in existence?

Whether or not you are in favor of developing a residential parking permit program, please respond to the following questions so that all opinions can be heard if the majority of respondents do indicate a preference for developing such a program.

* 5. What time periods should the program target?

* 6. Should there be a fee structure for such a permit program?

* 7. If there were a permit program, how should the permits be allocated?

* 8. How many parking permits should be allocated on a long-term basis?

* 9. What areas of the city should fall under this program?

* 10. Should there be a provision for restricted parking exemptions?

* 11. Who should administer this program?

* 12. How should the parking permits be attached to the vehicles?

* 13. How should the stickers/placard appear?

* 14. Should there be an expiration date on the sticker?

* 15. What should the renewal process be?

* 16. How should the parking program be enforced?

* 17. Should there be an escalating fine for repeat offenders?

* 18. Would you be in favor of further study of this issue?

* 19. Do you have an alternative suggestion to the parking program?

* 20. Other Comments:

* 21. Thank you for your cooperation and input into this very important matter for the citizens of Brisbane.
- Traffic Advisory Committee