TIME-SENSITIVE:   IF YOUR SCHOOL(S) OR LIBRARY(IES) WERE DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY AFFECTED BY HURRICANE HARVEY, IRMA OR MARIA, either incurring losses to network infrastructure (including Internet access, network switching, Wi-Fi, and other infrastructure) and/or incurring additional costs due to displaced students, then read our summary of the FCC's E-rate emergency relief Order (FCC 17-139, October 30, 2017), adopting temporary rules to provide relief to schools and libraries contending with the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.   This will create a SECOND FY2017 APPLICATION WINDOW, only available for a few weeks through mid-December 2017.  (Deadline pending USAC announcement).

Please TAKE OUR 5 MINUTE SURVEY BELOW, or email brian@erate4schools.com and we will contact you about navigating the rules and parameters governing the requirements.  We hope your community is on the road to recovery and look forward to helping you during this difficult time.  Be certain to click DONE after the LAST QUESTION.

* 1. Name of your school, district or library/library system?

* 2. E-rate Billed Entity Number ("BEN"), if known:

* 3. Contact person information

* 4. Street address, city/state, and ZIP Code

* 5. Is/are your schools/libraries in a FEMA-designated Directly Impacted Area due to Hurricane Harvey, Irma and/or Maria?  (NOTE:  Some areas of FL, GA & TX qualify.  All areas of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands qualify.)

* 6. ELIGIBILITY:   To the best of your knowledge are ALL FIVE of the following true, or are you able to determine if so within the next 2 - 4 weeks?  (NOTE: The Order requires certifications attesting all requirements are true, per FCC 17-139, released October 30, 2017):

 (a) school/library facilities are in FEMA-designated areas as eligible for disaster assistance for at least one of the three 2017 Hurricanes; (OR, did school(s) experience increased enrollment >5% due to students displaced by a 2017 Hurricane);
 (b) facilities incurred substantial damage to E-rate eligible services as a result of the hurricane(s); (OR, schools have increased costs due to displaced students)
 (c) any E-rate funding received pursuant to this Order will be used solely to restore E-rate eligible services to the functionality immediately preceding the Hurricanes;
 (d) other resources (e.g., insurance, public assistance/FEMA, community donations or foundations) are not available to restore products/services to prior functionality;  
 (e) additional E-rate funding requested under the Order will be returned if funding from other sources eventually cause a surplus of funds specifically for restoring Erate-eligible products/services.

* 7. Scope of eRate-eligible products/services affected by hurricane damage/loss (check one or both):

* 8. Rough estimated cost of replacing eRate-eligible products/services

* 9. Description of eRate-eligible products/services affected by hurricane damage/loss.  (Not sure?  See pp. 9-15 of the FY2017 ELIGIBLE SERVICES LIST)

* 10. If you have equipment losses, what are the major brands of network equipment you have typically used in the past and/or prefer in the future?  (e.g. Cisco, Meraki, HP, Dell, Brocade, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, etc.)

* 11. Do you have, or do you expect to eventually have, matching funds (approximately 10-15% of costs) required for some/all needed project(s) within the next 6 to 12 months.

* 12. If you believe you might qualify, are you able to fully evaluate your needs under this Order before November 30, 2017?

* 13. If you're NOT in a FEMA-Directly Impacted Area, did your school or district experience AT LEAST A 5% INCREASE IN ENROLLMENT as a result of enrolling students displaced by the hurricanes? (e.g. first day of school vs. latest enrollment)

* 14. Do you require a Spanish-speaking consultant or interpreter?  (¿Necesita un consultor o intérprete de habla hispana?)

* 15. Other questions or comments? (Otras preguntas o comentarios?) WHEN COMPLETE, CLICK "> DONE >" BELOW.

Disclaimer:  Clarity Solutions, Inc. is an independent, vendor-neutral consulting firm with over 15 years' experience in E-rate management and consulting.  Member, E-rate Management Professionals Association and Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition.