Welcome to the POI TPx and Retail Execution Benchmarking Survey

12% of survey complete.
Dale Hagemeyer, partner at The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), is leading a survey to understand your successes as well as challenges. This will help us to deliver research, best practices, and sharing-type events to help you (and your team) improve how you promote and distribute your products. To this end we are asking you to take 10 minutes to complete a confidential survey relative to two key business processes: retail execution and trade promotion management (or TPx, which includes trade promotion management and trade promotion optimization).

Here is the “ask”:

If you are in a position to provide a good perspective on your company and its capabilities, then please take our survey. If you aren’t exactly the right person then either ask them to take it or work together to do so. If you feel it appropriate to have a colleague answer some of the questions you can either ask then and fill in their answers or have them log in using your user ID (e-mail address) to complete their portion. Complete both parts to provide a benchmark in both areas.

And here is our promise to you. We will:

Keep your responses confidential. We will not reveal your name, that of your company, or in any way link responses back to you. Nobody will see your responses except for POI staff involved in the collection and analysis.
Provide you with a copy of the resulting analysis. We will also provide you with some benchmarking relative to a group of anonymous peers by industry sub-segment.
Offer you a courtesy phone call with Dale Hagemeyer to clarify any questions you might have related to the study.
Track progress over time by endeavoring to make this survey an annual activity.

Our only aim is to help you improve your business processes. We thank you in advance for participating in our survey.

Dale Hagemeyer, Partner
Promotion Optimization Institute, LLC