The Orange County Council all volunteer youth and adult training NYLT staff has been working steadily since 2006 to study, plan, experience and learn from each course.  We'd like to know what your experience has been about the impact of the National Youth Leadership Training program on your youth at home, at school, and in the community.  With a participant to youth staff ratio of nearly 2:1, we aim to deliver a youth leadership experience unlike any other, anywhere.

Thank you for taking a moment to answer a few quick questions for us.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2.

What year(s) did you attend Orange County Council NYLT ?

(youth and adult course director included for reference)

* 3. Please rate the physical facilities used by NYLT

  Awful Needs Improvement Ok Pretty good Awesome
Lost Valley accessability
Lost Valley camp facilities (tents, showers, etc)
NYLT patrol boxes and kitchen
NYLT presentation materials (TVs, flip books)
NYLT food quality
NYLT food quantity
NYLT patrol resource center (programs)

* 4. Please rate the NYLT administrative processes

  Awful Needs Improvement Ok Pretty good Awesome
Program awareness (flyers, email, round table, etc) web site
Application forms and process
Donations and Fundraisers
Downhill meeting
Temecula Day 1 Check in
Lost Valley Day 6 graduation and pick up
NYLT Challenge Reunion
Patrol Photos and DVD

* 5. NYLT teaches 11 core leadership skills. Rate which of these have been most useful in your unit, home, or school

  Not useful Somewhat useful Useful Very Useful Wow!
Visions, Goals and Planning
Planning and Problem Solving: 5WH
Assessment Tools: SSC
Stages of a Team
Teaching EDGE
Leading EDGE
Conflict Resolution Tool: EAR
Ethical Decisions
Communication: MaSeR
Valuing People: ROPE

* 6. Did the NYLT course meet your expectations?

* 7. What was your youth's favorite, most useful, or most impacting program activity?

* 8. Would you recommend the Orange County Council NYLT Program to a friend?