* 1. Bear Pond Books continues to expand its services for educators. Which of these services have you used in the past year? (Check all that apply)

* 2. Help us target the appropriate age groups. Please indicate how interested you are in events, resources, recommendations, etc. for the following groups, with 1 being very very interested and 5 being not terribly interested.

  1 2 3 4 5 Not Applicable
Kindergarten - 4th Grade
5th - 8th Grade
High School
Adult (for example, writing workshops for teachers' own writing)

* 3. Have you used these workshops for continuing education credit?

* 4. We did not offer an in-person review of the new Dorothy Canfield Fisher list this year. We skipped this event because we felt there were enough DCF resources elsewhere. We welcome any feedback on whether it should return, other forms of resources we might offer related to DCF, general DCF sentiments. . . etc.

* 5. A new event we've added is the Materials Review - a two hour session going over new titles of note. We have done K-8 nonfiction, YA / MG fiction, and are planning a session on Early Reader Chapter Books for the fall. We welcome any feedback on this new event.

* 6. What is the best way to inform you of upcoming events?

* 7. Use this space for any additional comments.

Thank you for taking the time with this survey. If you want more information, please contact jane@bearpondbooks.com. If you know of local teachers, librarians, and other educators who might want to receive information from Bear Pond, they can join the Educators' Update List by e-mailing helen@bearpondbooks.com