Punishment Enemas Growing Up

If you were given punishment enemas growing up, please complete this survey. If you would like to chat with Dr. Fish about it, look for him on YahooMessenger: dralbertfish

* 1. How old are you now?

* 2. Where did you grow up?

* 3. Are you male or female?

* 4. How old were you the first time you received a punishment enema?

* 5. How old were you the last time you received a punishment enema growing up?

* 6. Who administered your punishment enemas?

* 7. Where was your punishment administered?

* 8. Did it happen immediately after you did something wrong or later?

* 9. Was soap put into the water?

* 10. Were you spanked before or after the enema?

* 11. How undressed did you have to get?

* 12. How did you feel about being exposed?

* 13. How were you positioned for the enema?

* 14. How were you lubricated?

* 15. What kind of equipment was used?

* 16. Was anyone else present besides the person punishing you?

* 17. Did you have to hold the enema?

* 18. Were you given more than one enema in a punishment session?

* 19. Were you allowed to expel in private?

* 20. Please take a few minutes and tell us in detail about your worst punishment enema.