Zero tolerance to manipulation in competition

Dear participant, dear respected colleague in kickboxing,

Thank you for entering our integrity e-learning programme. Please go through this module step by step -  read, understand and conduct.

Manipulation in a competition somehow in front, during or by too offensive behaviour afterwards = Match-Fixing (or attempt to match fix). Simple as that.

Our objective with this module is to raise awareness of how easy it is to manipulate in front of or during a sporting event. Manipulation is a clear breach of our ethical protocol and it is clear defined as matchfixing. 

We are aware of that various cultures have various understanding of what is acceptable or not. For that simple reason we need to define a certain standard that we expect you all to conduct. 

We are all emotional involved in sport, we focus on the athlete and we want him or her to succeed. But we are also want fair play for both parties. For this reason correct behaviour is essential. Lets engage ourselves with respect to our colleagues, participants and competitors. 

Thinking of it, most of you have experienced manipulation or even acted in a critical way. Behaviour seemingly normal and as a part of a culture, can be damaging. Please look at this module as preventive, informative and that you understand and confirm that you act in correct, ethically, fair and honest. Let us do this hand in hand and behave toward others like you want them to behave toward you. 

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