1. Storm Water Survey

* 1. Boone County has flood problems due to excessive rainfalls.

* 2. Please indicate the area(s) that you feel have flood problems.

* 3. Where I live has stormwater infrastructure which sufficiently addresses flooding problems during excessive rainfalls or snowmelt.

* 4. Please indicate where you live.

* 5. I personally have flooding problems during excessive rainfalls or snowmelts.

* 6. I would like to learn more about how I can manage stormwater runoff on my property.

* 7. Please indicate areas you are interested in.

* 8. I would be willing to pay a fee to provide stormwater drainage systems in my neighborhood.

* 9. The Kishwaukee River, Beaver Creek and Piscasaw Creek are all high quality water resources. Are you willing to be taxed to maintain and/or improve their water quality?

* 10. Please indicate any other concerns that you have regarding stormwater or flooding problems in Boone County.