Steve Burt - He began his career in Blackford County in 1970 as an
elementary teacher. He then moved to Greenfield in 1975, serving initially
as the principal of Riley Elementary and later as the principal of Weston
Elementary School. His total service to Greenfield-Central was 39 years
as a school principal.

Steve Bryant - He began his teaching career in 1973, working in northern
Indiana. He has served as the principal of Greenfield-Central High School
from 1999 to 2017, totaling 18 years in this last role.

Larry McBride - He began his teaching career with Greenfield-Central in
1963, and he retired in 2005. In his 42 years with the corporation, most of
his time in the classroom was spent at Maxwell Middle School, though he
did work at Eden Elementary School as well. He worked as a social
studies teacher and school counselor for much of his tenure with G-C. He
coached basketball at Eden and Maxwell, and he still serves the high
school athletic program in various capacities in football, basketball, track
and dance.

Kathy Dowling - She began her teaching career in Lake County, yet most
of her professional career was spent at Greenfield-Central High School.
She worked as an English/Journalism teacher, dean of students, school
counselor, director of guidance, and coach. Her tenure at the high school
was 32 years. As you know, she is now serving in her second term as a
member of the board of school trustees.

Dr. Gary Clinkenbeard - He began his career as a math/science teacher
with the Vigo County Schools, and he later was elevated to the role of
assistant principal there. He spent the majority of his career in Greenfield,
where he served as the assistant superintendent of Greenfield-Central for
six years before becoming the superintendent of schools for his last
fourteen years. In his 20 years of leadership in the community between
1986 to 2005, he was responsible for collecting and building a leadership
team that transferred the emphasis from teaching to “learning for all”.

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