* 1. Below is a list of services for older adults offered in Washington. Please indicate how important each of the following services are:

Support for people who provide unpaid care to family members
Information and assistance services to learn about options and help to get programs and services
Transportation (to medical appointment and other services)
Home delivered meals (Meals on Wheels)
Affordable, accessible housing
Programs to help prevent elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation
Personal care services that help people stay in their homes
Programs that help people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, to stay home (e.g. education, training around providing care, assistance with behaviors, in home services like help with housework, errands, chores, etc.)
Healthy living classes, including disease prevention and self-management for your health condition, exercise
Help to get information about health insurance options and how to sign up for plans (like Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care)
Group meals (meals served at Community Centers)
Legal Assistance Services
Nursing homes
Other residential care options (e.g. assisted living, adult family homes, memory care)
Help getting home and staying at home after a hospital or nursing home stay
Drug and alcohol services
Mental health services
Programs that give family a break (such as, respite care or adult day care programs)
Social and Volunteer Opportunities
Help finding older adult job training and placement
How to prevent falls
Support for grandparents / other relatives who are raising children (Kinship Care Programs)
Other (please describe below)

* 2. In the past year have you or a family member received one or more of the services listed above?