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The Village hosted an in-person Community Open House, Thursday September 23rd to discuss how we can make Downtown Itasca the best it can be! If you missed the Open House or want to review the materials, take a look through the exhibits to see what was discussed. The following survey covers questions and discussions from the Open House.

Survey Overview:

Downtown Itasca’s existing character is largely defined by its traditional built environment, its location in the region, the Irving Park Road corridor, and surrounding open space areas. Part of the goal of Downtown Itasca's Strategic Action Plan is to refine and strengthen the character of Downtown, to better reflect the intended image of the community. The project area has been organized into three character areas:

1. North Downtown
2. South Downtown
3. Irving Park Road Corridor

The following survey questions are organized by character area to better understand your vision and ideas for each area of Downtown Itasca.

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Character Areas

Character Areas
To see an overview of the planning process and learn more about the project, click here.