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Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2018 American Circus Educators' Conference!

Applications submitted after May 15, 2018 are accepted on a rolling basis. Notification Status by June 1, 2018 (or later if application was submitted after May 15).

Welcome all circus educators! The American Circus Educator’s Conference serves as a meeting place for those active in all the diverse areas of circus education. If you teach circus, run a circus program, research circus, teach circus educators, or work with any type of circus education, you will find connections and inspiration at the 2018 ACE Educators Conference!

All workshops are 1.5 hours long, with 15 minutes between workshops. All participants sign up for workshops in advance of the festival.

We are committed to creating a festival that is inclusive and meets the needs of our growing community. We are focused on accepting the highest quality workshops possible, and ensuring that session descriptions are accurate so that participants have a high level of satisfaction.  We suggest that you offer very specific workshop titles and subjects so that the content of your workshop is clear to participants (for instance club passing patterns for four people vs. club passing).  

BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS APPLICATION: Your application cannot be saved on Survey Monkey, so please look through the questions and plan your answers. If you need to make changes once the application is submitted, please email us.

Please Note:
- New and returning presenters are all welcome! 

- Application Deadline APRIL 1st 2018: All presenters must fill out an application.  ACE will ensure that workshop leaders are notified in time to gain access to early-bird registration fees for the conference.

- Applications received after the deadline: will also be considered through September 1st, 2018. Priority will be given to applications submitted by June 1st.

- If you are submitting multiple workshops, please use separate form for each one.

- Once selected, workshop leaders must purchase a conference pass ($335 earlybird, $435 regular). Workshop leaders will receive a code for $50 off the festival fee.

- By filling out this application you agree to provide a basic outline of your presentation/workshop and to collaborate with AYCO to ensure presentation standards. 

Professional Strands: Workshops and presentations will be organized into strands that respond to the many interests of our members:

-       Social/Adaptive Circus
-       Resources for Directors, Managers, and Owners 
-       Teaching and Training Circus Skills 
-       Gender and Identity in Circus Teaching, Training, and Performance
-        Physical Circus
-        Other
Thank you for a

About the Presenter/ Workshop Leader

* 1. Contact:

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* 2. Have you presented at an ACE Educator's Conference before?

* 3. Presenter Bio:
100-250 words: This will be attached to your workshop. Please include: 1. Direct relationship to your credentials for teaching this workshop; 2. General biographical info; 3. Circus(es)/ Studio(s) that you are representing (if relevant)

* 4. Please email your resume to alisan@americancircuseducators.org with the subject Workshop Leader Application 2017). Check the box below to confirm you have sent the resume.

* 5. References:

Provide us with a full name, email, and phone number for two references.

* 6. Is this workshop is being offered and sponsored by an institutional member organization rather than an individual. (for example Circus School XYZ is funding the workshop leaders participation and is playing a role in crafting the workshop that is delivered from the oragnizational perspective. In these cases, the circus institution name will be listed along with the individual.

About the Presentation/Workshop

* 7. Please confirm that you have read the workshop level guidelines before proceeding.
View the guidelines here.
Relevant information for workshop leaders begins on page 2.

* 8. Description:
100-300 words. This is the description participants will read to decide if they will sign up for your workshop. Please include 1. What topics will be covered; 2. What kind of activities may be involved; 3. Who may be interested or for whom the workshop is designed, 4. One sentence about the presenter’s qualifications to teach this workshop.

* 9. In one sentence: what will participants leave with/knowing? (ex: “After completing the ‘Beats and Tempos’ workshop, participants will understand the biomechanics of shoulder engagement and have practiced troubleshooting incorrect shoulder movement during beats”)

* 10. What 'thread' does your workshop/presentation belong with?

* 11. Are there prerequisites for this workshop?

* 12. Workshop Title:

* 13. Lesson Plan:

Please provide us with a basic outline or lesson plan for your workshop - including any opening activities or warm ups, skills, techniques, and concepts taught.  This information will not be shared - it will be used to assess if the workshop is a good fit for our program.

Scheduling Your Presentation/Workshop

* 14. What kind of activities can participants expect?

* 15. Participants:
Please let us know the maximum number of participants. If you have another maximum in mind, please tell us in the "Comments" box. 

If you can take more students with the addition of qualified spotters or certain equipment, please let us know so we can work with you. We strive to maintain a high quality and safe context while including as many participants as possible in workshops and appreciate your assistance in order to make this happen.

* 16. What resources does your workshop/presentation require? Please check all boxes that apply:

* 17. What resources will you bring? (include equipment, computers, and anything that you will bring to use in your presentation/workshop)

* 18. Workshop Slots:
We hope you will be able to present your presentation/ workshop at least twice during the course of the conference. Please check ALL YOUR AVAILABLE options. 

* 19. We strongly encourage presenters to offer their workshops more than once to increase access. Are you willing to present more than once?

* 20. Are you willing to participate in other conference proceedings? Please check all that apply:

* 21. Anything else you'd like to share with us? Note it here.