Thank you once again for participating in our OASIS Borderless Cyber Conference and FIRST Technical Symposium. We hope your experience is positive and would appreciate any input that might help us with future planning. Below is a short feedback survey for your consideration. Your feedback will remain anonymous and will only be used to improve our future events.

* 1. Please rate the following statements based on the below options.
5 = Strongly Agree; 4 = Agree; 3 = Undecided; 2 = Disagree; 1 = Strongly Disagree

  5 4 3 2 1
The overall program met my expectations.
The length of the programming was just right.
The event was well-organized.
The venue and location were easily accessed.
The information posted to the website and provided in email was adequate.
Networking opportunities were ample.
Overall, this event was a valuable experience.
I really enjoyed my time in the host city.

* 2. Please rate the SESSIONS on day one based on the below options.
4 = Very Satisfied; 3 = Satisfied; 2 = Dissatisfied; 1 = Very Dissatisfied; DNA = Did Not Attend

  4 3 2 1 DNA
STIX Patterning: Viva la Revolución! with Trey Darley and Jason Keirstead
STIX: The 'Infinite Coding Possibilities' Problem with Chris O'Brien
OpenC2: Protecting our Future at Machine Speed with Mary Mathews
Applying Key Threat Intelligence Practices to Fight Cybercrime with Sarah Brown and Dhia Mahjoub
Military Grade Security at Last: Using Protective Marking Schemes in Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing with Dave Cridland
Analytical Results of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey with Ryan Trost
Using Knowledge of Adversary TTP’s to Inform Cyber Defense: MITRE's ATT&CK™ Framework with Richard Struse
Developing and Sharing ATT&CK-based Analytics with John Wunder
Extracting and Exploring Threat Intelligence on Open Sourced Documents using Natural Language Processing with Mayo Yamasaki

* 3. Please rate the SESSIONS on day two based on the below options..
4 = Very Satisfied; 3 = Satisfied; 2 = Dissatisfied; 1 = Very Dissatisfied; DNA = Did Not Attend

  4 3 2 1 DNA
Strategies for Semantics-Rich Machine-Understandable CTI - Human-Machine Cybersecurity Collaboration with Ryusuke Masuoka, Koji Yamada and Toshitaka Satomi
Towards a Mature Cyber Threat Intelligence Practice with Richard Kerkdijk
What are the Characteristics of a Mature Cyber Threat Intelligence Program and How is it Measured? with Mark Arena
Fail Frequently to Avoid Disaster, or How to Organically Build a Threat Intel Sharing Standard with Alexandre Dulaunoy and Andras Iklody
Processing Threat Data Through the GDPR Regulatory Lens Using the PMRM Privacy Engineering Tool with John Sabo, Gershon Janssen and Chiljon Janssen
C-TAS Ecosystem for Cyber Threat Analysis & Sharing in Korea with Sang Wook Seo
PROTECTIVE: A European-wide NREN Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform - Lessons Learnt to Date with Jassim Happa
Japanese-style STIX and TAXII Information Sharing Platform with Masato Terada

* 4. What were some of your favorite presentations and the reasons why?

* 5. What were your least favorite presentations and some reasons why?

* 6. What were some of the most valuable takeaways from the event?

* 7. Please include any additional comments you have relating to the overall program.

* 8. Which best describes your job responsibilities?

* 9. Where are you most likely willing to travel to attend a similar type event? (select all that apply)

Thank you for completing this survey. We hope to see you at one of our future conferences.

OASIS and FIRST Conference Teams