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The Survivors' Collective (http://www.survivorscollective.co.uk/) is an activism group run by and for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In our School & Education project we are developing information packages for schools and teachers about how to better support survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We believe that direct feedback from survivors themselves is the best way to learn what is really needed and what changes need to be made. We value every experience that you would like to share as well as any advice and suggestions.

On the following three pages you will be invited to comment on how you experienced school and education. You can share experiences from primary school all the way up to college or university.
Our aim is to give professionals in this field a picture of what it's like to go to school and through the education system as a survivor of sexual abuse. We want to make us and our experience visible. We want them to understand who we are, what problems we faced (from the every day struggles to big scale problems), what helped us, and how they can learn from that to provide better support for survivors of sexual abuse in their institutions and classrooms.

Please note that all information you provide us with will be processed, published, and potentially quoted. However, in the first question you can choose if publications of your answers will be anonymous, under your name, or a pseudonym. If you choose to stay anonymous, please make sure to not include any identifying information in your answers.

There are no right or wrong answers - we aim to get a full picture of the diverse range of survivors' experiences.

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