* 1. Name (to be used for tracking submissions only; responses are anonymous)

* 2. General presentation skills

  Almost never Sometimes Neutral Occasionally Almost always
Appeared organized and prepared
Spoke loud enough for me to hear
Used effective speech and articulation
Made eye contact with the audience
Delivered presentation at an appropriate pace
Effectively engaged the audience
Demonstrated thorough knowledge of subject matter

* 3. Please rate presentation effectiveness, with regard to

  Almost never effective Sometimes effective Neutral Occasionally effective Almost always effective
Providing sufficient technical background
Presenting key results/conclusions
Communicating the impact/application of the discovery/technology
Moderating discussion
Time management (sticking to allotted time)
Communicating to life scientists
Communicating to chemists & engineers/physical scientists

* 4. Has this presentation sparked interdisciplinary ideas, such as:

* 5. What did you like the best about this presentation?

* 6. What did you like the least about this presentation? Do you have any comments or
suggestions that might help him/her improve future presentations?

* 7. Please rate your peers with regard to preparedness and participation in THIS session.

  None Too little Sufficient Too much N/A (absent or presenting)
Christina Chisholm
Scott Eron
Ololade Fatunmbi
Libbie Haglin
John Hangasky
Jing Huang
Amanda Hussey
Ben Johnson
Nilima Kolli
Ketan Mathavan
Steve McCarron
Carolina Morell-Perez
Onur Oztas
Serap Pektas
Gitanjeli Prasad
Yady Rivera
Meili Yang

* 8. If you have already attended the related seminar, did this presentation help your understanding of the seminar in terms of:

  not at all only a little quite a bit very much
the material selected
the way the material was conveyed
the background provided