The School Admissions Code 2014 requires schools, or the Local Authority for community schools, to formally consult with the public regarding changes to their admissions criteria arrangements. This would include admissions criteria and decreases to the Published Admissions Number (PAN). If no changes are made, there is a requirement that schools consult every seven years.

 The changes proposed for Lambeth community schools are the formal reductions in PAN for the following schools from the 2022/23 academic year. The proposal regarding primary schools is part of a wider undertaking by the council to reduce PANs due to falling population across the borough.

Please see list of schools below who have agreed to reduce the number of Reception places:

  • Allen Edwards – 45 (previously 60)
  • Crown Lane – 30 (previously 60)
  • Fenstanton – 45 (previously 60)
  • Hill Mead – 30 (previously 60)
  • Jessop – 45 (previously 60)
  • Jubilee – 45 (previously 60)
  • Lark Hall – 45 (previously 60)
  • Loughborough – 30 (previously 60)
  • Kingswood – 60 (previously 90)
  • Richard Atkins – 30 (previously 45)
  • Sudbourne – 45 (previously 90)
  • Woodmansterne (primary phase) – 90 (previously 120)
Year 7 PAN changes:
  • Woodmansterne (secondary phase)– 30 (previously 90 due to their rising Year 6 intake)
There are no changes proposed to the existing admissions criteria or main admissions processes for Lambeth community primary schools (and Oasis Academy Johanna, on behalf of Oasis Community Learning), nor Woodmansterne School (both phases). Changes have been made for Lilian Baylis Technology School and The Norwood School Year 7 entry to re-instate the ability banding that was removed via a variation for 2021/22 entry, due to public health concerns.
To help you have your say on changes you can view the draft policy.