Trainee ID Match Program

The Sleep Research Society (Trainee Education Advisory - TEAC) wants to enhance International trainee's experiences at the SRS Trainee Series. This survey, developed by the TEAC International Trainee Liaison, will support the development of activities during the SLEEP 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Please read and answer the following questions.

* 1. YOUR INFORMATION. Please select the option that better describes your current status in the USA.

* 2. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND. Have you studied or worked at a University/Institution abroad?

* 3. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE. Have you ever worked in collaboration with international trainees?

* 4. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. Have you participated in the Trainee ID Match Program in 2017?

* 5. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. Will you be in attendance at SLEEP 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland on June 2-6, 2018

* 6. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. As an Domestic Trainee, the SRS trainee opportunities (i.e., leadership workshop, Trainee Symposia Series, trainee development suite) are: (please select all that apply)

* 7. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. Please provide your contact information.

* 8. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. Please indicate your research area. This information will be used to select your pair!