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* 1. Would you potentially be interested in being a part of an online photography group/club?

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* 2. The idea for the club would be based around a loose connection to the 'Close to Home' project, although it wouldn't have to be close to your home.

It would be for people to pick an area or areas that they frequent and to photograph them to grow a long term project or projects.

Do you like this focus for the group?

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* 3. Would you be okay with paying a monthly fee to be a part of the club, and if so, how much?

The larger the fee, the more I will be able to pull off. Here are potential ideas that I'm envisioning.

1. A standalone social website with profiles, gallery pages for your growing projects, feeds + comments, groups (such as city, suburban, rural, etc.), chat and messages, and a Q&A forum.

2. Contests + prizes, assignments + goals, Zoom (and maybe eventually live) hangouts, and project/image critiques.

3. Both video and written photography content, photographer profiles and inspiration, etc.

4. Guest photography speakers.

What do you think would be a fair monthly amount for all or some of these features?

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* 4. (Optional): Got a good name idea for the club?

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* 5. (Optional): Any further thoughts or suggestions?

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* 6. Thank you!

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