If you answer any survey questions with "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree", please add a comment to explain.

* 1. I feel confident in signing on to a CWS to do my work.

* 2. Length of the course was satisfactory

* 3. Instructor was knowledgeable

* 4. Instructor’s verbal explanations added value to my learning about workflow, technical issues, and policy.

* 5. Practice sessions were helpful in allowing me to meet the objectives.

* 6. Enough time was dedicated to practice

* 7. The computers and systems (HEO/Wiz, StarPanel, HED) allowed me to complete the class activities.

* 8. Training content easy to follow and organized

* 9. Clicking on this next to a patient’s name opens a menu for quick access to patient information and documentation.

* 10. The link in the Actions Menu that provides a snap shot of important information charted for a patient using the SBAR format:

* 11. The link in the Actions Menu that is a record of any document that pertains to a patient’s medical history at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

* 12. Where should the MR go to acknowledge orders for Respiratory Therapy and EKGs?

* 13. Medical Receptionist prints this to keep track of the unit’s census.

* 14. What is the printer called that is closest to the Medical Receptionist and is where orders print?

* 15. What clinical system is used to reprint a requisition?

* 16. What system manages the admission, discharge and transfer functions for a patient?

* 17. If HEO/Wiz goes down, what should be printed for RN’s and what should be printed for Care Partners?

* 18. The clinical system where the bulk of charting takes place that includes entering vitals and physical assessment information.

* 19. The button that is clicked to expand and show all components of the patient chart within HED.

* 20. Please enter your VUNetID or last name.