We are for the Brave - Let's understand your priorities

Kindly help us in finding your priorities .Your personal information will be kept confidential.

Acceptance to this survey allows us to contact you for further study/research.

* 1. Where do you buy Smartphones?

* 2. What is your favorite interest of topic?

* 3. Kindly name the 3 brand which comes top of your mind

* 4. Why do you follow these brands?

* 5. Which is your favorite Smartphone brand?

* 6. Who is your Network Operator ?

* 7. How do you connect to internet?

* 8. How much GB of data do you consume Per month ? (Reply in numbers)

* 9. Your favorite online pass time

* 10. Your favorite offline pass time

* 11. Top 5 Apps do you use often in your Smartphone

* 12. Which Mobile Game do you play on your phone more often? Use comma (,) when using more than one.

* 13. How Much time do you spend on playing mobile games [In Hours] per Day?(Reply in numbers)

* 14. Name few apps which helps in your academic performance.

* 15. How does your Smartphone help in studies?

* 16. In the past one month, did you watch TV , which is your favorite program or channel ?

* 17. Do you read newspaper, If Yes which paper?

* 18. What are the top 3 Website you often visit online?

* 19. Do you have preferred channel to watch on YouTube ?

* 20. Let us know more about your current Smartphone and your Upgrade plans ? Kindly attend all questions

* 21. Help us to understand your top requirement in your dream phone ?

* 22. How do you manage to buy new Smartphone?

* 23. Who is your role model ?

* 24. What is missing for the student community from the smartphone makers and from the smartphone product?

* 25. Personal Information

* 26. Your Total Monthly Expense in INR. (Reply in numbers)

* 27. What are the sources you get money for your monthly expenses?

* 28. Would you like to participate in face-to-face survey interview in future?