CTFA Survey

Help out CTFA by filling out this brief survey, you will not need to login or leave your name. We are hoping to use this to get a head start on the next meeting. Thank you for supporting our efforts. 

* 1. Why did you become a member of CTFA?

* 2. Where do you think CTFA would be most helpful in our community?

* 3. What would you like to see happen with CTFA that you haven't seen happen yet?

* 4. What position(s) do you think you could fill when they are available (some available now)?

* 5. Regarding introductions of members and new members at the beginning of each CTFA meeting. We have a lot of information to go over at meetings and little time. It has recently come up that we should forgo introductions at the beginning of the meetings to allow for more meeting time.  What do you think?

* 6. When are you more likely to volunteer your time to help support a CTFA organized community event benefiting seniors in our community?

* 7. How many hours would you be able to volunteer?

* 8. What volunteer projects would you be willing to do?

* 9. What talents/skills do you possess that you would be willing to donate your time and effort to the task force?

* 10. What items or services would you or your organization be able to donate.