The feedback provided in this survey will be solely used for product improvement and not for marketing purposes.

* 1. Please provide some basic information about yourself

* 2. Estimated number of Technical Writers in your organization ?

* 3. Do you use FrameMaker on Macintosh Platform?

* 4. How often do you use FrameMaker on a Mac ?

* 5. If you do use FrameMaker on Mac, which environment do you use it in?

* 6. If you are running FrameMaker in a virtual or a separate environment, and not natively on a Mac, what are the reason(s) (if any) for dissatisfaction ?

* 7. How important for you is the requirement of native support of FrameMaker on Mac ?

* 8. What percentage of users in your Technical Writing department currently use Mac ?

* 9. Has absence of native FrameMaker support on Mac caused you to move to some other authoring tool?

* 10. Any other comments ?