How to Prevent Match-fixing, Betting and Manipulation from destroying your career or others career

Dear participant,

Thank you for entering our pilot integrity programme. Please go through these modules step by step. Read them and understand them. This is a short programme, but it may be the most important time you spend to guard your career. Match fixing and manipulation is a growing problem in sports.  By viewing this programme you will gain information to keep you safe and protect your sport from corruption. You will learn about the behaviour you must adopt towards sports betting and about the dangers of match-fixing to your career, your reputation and your life. We will show how gangsters and gamblers may target you. We will show you how gambling addiction is a dangerous gateway to corruption. You will learn and be aware of how to avoid these problems and what to do if you are approached to corrupt your sport. The programme features top experts in the field, people with real-life experience to help you protect yourself.

Most of all, you will learn and be introduced to the challenge related to manipulation and how certain behaviour can and will change the outcome of a match. Behaviour seemingly normal and as a part of a culture can be damaging. Maybe some of the information you will read will seem dramatic and irrelevant. Then, please look at this as preventive, informative and that you understand and confirm that you act in an ethical and fair and honest.
We expect you will take about 45 minutes to go through the programme. At the end, you must answer some questions in order to obtain your WAKO Integrity Certificate for which WAKO will send you.

This programme will cover:
Module One:  Why corruption is dangerous for you and your sport.
Module Two: How corruption can ruin your career and endanger your life.
Module Three: How fixers target you.
Module Four: Addiction – dangerous for you and a gateway to corruption.
Module Five: How to protect yourself from corruption.
Module Six: Manipulation.
Module Seven: Fair Play
Before entering the modules please look at this movie produced by SportAccord. Please click HERE

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