For questions 1-7, we would like to learn about your involvement at your child's school.

* 1. What grade is your child in?

* 2. What gender is your child?

* 3. How often do you meet with teachers at your child's school?

* 4. How often do you know how your child is doing in school before you receive your child's report card?

* 5. How involved have you been with the PTO at your child's school?

* 6. In the past year, how often have you volunteered at your child's school?

* 7. In the past year, how often have you visited your child's school (not including pick-up or drop-off)?

For questions 6-11, we would like to learn more about your understanding of your child's approach to learning?

* 8. How often does your child read for fun?

* 9. How much effort does your child put into school related tasks after school?

* 10. How motivated is your child to learn the subjects covered in class?

* 11. When working on school activities at home, how easily is your child distracted?

* 12. On average, how well does your child work independently on learning activities at home?

* 13. How often does your child give up on learning activities that s/he finds hard?

For questions 12-15, we would like to know your view of your child's school environment.

* 14. To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to your child's school?

* 15. How well do administrators at your child's school create a school environment that helps children learn?

* 16. Overall, how much respect do you think the children at your child's school have for the staff?

* 17. Overall, how much respect do you think teachers at your child's school have for the children?

For questions 16-26, how much of a problem are the following issues in preventing you from being involved at your child's school.

* 18. Childcare needs.

* 19. Transportation related challenges?

* 20. Concerns about getting to the school safely?

* 21. How busy your schedule is?

* 22. You are unsure in how to become a volunteer at your child's school.

* 23. The school provides little information about involvement opportunities?

* 24. The school is not welcoming to parents?

* 25. You do not feel a sense of belonging with your child's school community?

* 26. Negative memories of your own school experience?

* 27. Your child does not want you to contact the school?

* 28. You worry that adults at the school will treat your child differently if you raise a concern?

For questions 27-31, please give us your views as related to the safety of your child in different situations.

* 29. How often do you worry about violence at your child's school?

* 30. If a student is bullied at your child's school, how difficult is it for him/her to get help from an adult?

* 31. How likely is it that someone from your child's school will bully him/her online?

* 32. Overall, how unsafe does your child feel at school?

* 33. To what extent are drugs a problem at your child's school?

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