* 1. What was the best thing about your international move?

* 2. Did you move abroad or back home?

* 3. What was the one thing that you wish you did for yourself during your move?

* 4. Moving can be super stressful.  Did you find that making time for your own wellbeing suffered during the move?

* 5. Did you get into a healthy lifestyle routine upon arriving in new location?

* 6. Once the family settled into new jobs, school, etc - Please describe how you felt.  (ie. Happy, blah, lonely, etc).

* 7. As busy moms/wives we tend to put ourselves last during an international move.  Do you think a customised 12 week adjustment program focusing on your health and lifestyle would have been useful?

* 8. If you enlisted the help of a Health Coach to get settled into your new environment, what would be your expectation?

* 9. Take a moment to imagine hiring a Health Coach after your move to assist in your settlement, what sort of feelings does that bring up for you?

* 10. One last question:  Looking back on your move, (relating to your own personal health and wellbeing), is there anything you would have done differently?