Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions - to help us better understand how our Pocket Good Fish Guide is helping you make sustainable seafood choices.

Thanks very much for your time.

* 1. How long have you been aware of our Pocket Good Fish Guide?

* 2. How often do you use the Pocket Good Fish Guide?

* 3. What changes have you made to the seafood choices you make as a result of using our Guide?

* 4. Please describe one choice you feel this Guide has helped you make:
e.g. I no longer eat seabass trawled at sea or I only eat organic farmed salmon etc.

* 5. What best describes you?

* 6. What is most important to you when buying fish?

  Least important Most important
Ease of cooking
Known or familiar species
How it's caught
Specific recipe/ meal in mind
Provenance - who caught it and where?
Health benefits
TV chef

* 7. What would normally prevent you from buying sustainable seafood?

* 8. What other sources of information on sustainable seafood do you use and WHY do you like to use them?

* 9. What is most important to you from a sustainable seafood product?

  Least important Most important
Clean, healthy seas
Local production
Nutritional quality
Better animal welfare
Better social welfare
Best industry practice

* 10. In order for you to choose sustainable fish, what further information would you like?

* 11. How do you rate the following aspects of the Guide?

  Very good Good Neutral Poor Very poor Not sure
Sufficient information
Range of fish species
Clarity of information

* 12. Do you have any suggestions as to how the Guide might be improved in the future?

* 13. Name

* 14. Email or postal address

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