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* 7. To follow up after a first date, I would most like to receive:

* 8. Have you ever asked someone out -- or been asked out -- on a date via text message?

* 9. Have you ever sent a text message while having an in-person conversation with someone else?

* 10. Do you text with your parents?

* 11. Have you ever sent a text message while driving?

* 12. Have you ever sent or received a “sext” -- a sexual text message?

* 13. Text messaging is an impersonal form of communication.

* 14. Texting is a good way to flirt in the early stages of a relationship.

* 15. What is the best use of text messaging in new dating relationships?

* 16. If you could offer someone one piece of advice about text messaging and dating, what would it be?

* 17. Do you have any dating and text-messaging stories you’d like to share?