We are conducting a brief survey to see how well our magazine serves your needs. As our industry evolves and changes, so do your needs for relevant information that can help you grow your business.

The survey will only take a few minutes of your time, and to show our appreciation, we would be happy to share the survey results with respondents.

As always, you have my personal guarantee that we will not reveal your identity or use your email for any other purpose.

Thank you for your generous input.

Mike McCue
Editor, Cotton International magazine

* 1. For each of the following topic areas, how well does COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE provide information that meets your business needs?

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor Not Sure
Updates on major cotton producing/consuming countries
Strategies of industry leaders
Developments at major associations
Human interest stories/executive profiles
Event coverage

* 2. About how much time do you spend with a typical issue of COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE?

* 3. On average, how many others in your organization read your issue of COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE?

* 4. On average, how often to you visit COTTON247.com, either directly or through a link?

* 5. How would you rate COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE'S eNewsletter at providing you with meaningful information?

* 6. If they had identical content, would you rather read a print copy of Cotton International, or would you rather read it online?

* 7. What percentage of business-related digital content do you access via mobile device (smart phone, tablet computer), rather than an office or home computer?

* 8. If a link in the print version of COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE indicated there was more information about a topic online, how likely would you be to go online to check it out?

* 9. What design elements would you like to see used more frequently in Cotton International?

  More Fewer No change

* 10. If you could be editor of COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE for one day, how would you make it better?

* 11. How would you rate COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE in terms of its relative importance to the global cotton industry?

  1 2 3 4 5
(1 being highly important, 5 being not important)

* 12. Which of these areas would you like to see covered more thoroughly by Cotton International?

  More coverage Covered sufficiently Less coverage
News and analysis
Profiles of industry leaders
Coverage of industry events
Price trends
Major markets
Emerging markets
Spinning/textile manufacturing

* 13. What regions would you like to see more coverage of (1 being more coverage, 3 being less coverage)?

  1 2 3
The Americas
South Asia/Asia Pacific
Southeast Asia

* 14. What do you like best about COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE?

* 15. What do you like least about COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE?

* 16. What kind of information would be helpful to you that you don’t normally see in COTTON INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE?

* 17. Which of these best describes your primary job function?

* 18. What is your favorite type of magazine for personal/leisure reading?

* 19. Please provide us with the following information if you'd like to be sent results of the survey. We will not share or use your information, other than to send you survey results.