* 2. What is your preferred mode of arts and culture participation?

* 3. Why participate in Culture and Arts events, workshops? (mark all that apply in order of importance)

* 4. What places and/or events still reflect the LES/Loisaida’s character and sets it apart from other places?

* 5. What kind of cultural place(s) or cultural events foster social interaction, create a sense of community, and promote human contact?

* 6. Do you think Art and Culture activities that are designed to combat racism and other forms of oppression are effective in that goal? Please give us examples:

* 7. Who, how, or where is local history retained/preserved?

* 8. What makes your neighborhood memorable?

* 9. Would your visitation of local cultural events increase if events were advertised on the neighborhood-wide commercial advertising platforms?

* 10. If nearby arts organizations were regularly partnering and/or co-presenting programs, that would affect the frequency of my visits to event/workshops:

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