100% of survey complete.

* 1. Would your recommend us to your family and friends?

* 2. The overall quality of care and service I received was excellent.

* 3. The receptionist was helpful and courteous.

* 4. The wait time was reasonable.

* 5. The Technologist was helpful, courteous and made me feel at ease during the exam.

* 6. The Technologist verified my name and date of birth before the exam.

* 7. The department appeared clean and organized.

* 8. The Technologist introduced themself before the exam.

* 9. The Radiology staff appeared knowledgeable with regards to procedure(s) and process(es).

* 10. The Radiology staff addressed all my questions and gave me understandable instructions.

* 11. The Radiology staff treated me with respect and concern.

* 12. Based on your most recent encounter with the Central Registration Process, my wait time was:

* 13. What is the age of the patient?

* 14. Is the patient male or female?

* 15. In the space provided, please write your comments and/or suggestions.