Dear participant,

Based on your experience in the business environment, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our research about 'Recruiting around the world'.
In the global village, people are moving all around the globe to find employment. As such, we would like to find out how people perceive the application process. We read in literature that there are differences or similarities between national countries, but we would like to compare these differences in practise. With your valuable help, we can obtain reliable data, which will enable us to compare around 25 countries per semester. Our only objective is to give country specific recruiting tips.
Completing the survey shouldn’t take you more than 5-7 minutes, 21 multiple choice and 4 open-answer questions. As a thank you for your help, you can download a complimentary e-book on international meetings at the end of the survey. With your help, we will soon be able to share the world with the world!

About us
CCBS global fact tank is an ongoing academic research project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Every six months we survey executives around the world. Since its first international poll in 2012, the CCBS global fact tank has conducted surveys and interviews in 72 different countries. CCBS is an acronym for Cross-Cultural Business Skills.

Kind Regards,
Students and Lectures of Cross Cultural Business Skills Minor of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

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