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* 1. Please describe your overall thoughts on the running of the SENIORS AND TEENS EMPATHY PROGRAM for IGS students at Opal Annandale?

What did/ didn't you like?

What feedback did you receive from the students?

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* 2. Please indicate the sessions you attended and describe your thoughts on the session/s you have attended at Opal Aged Care watching your students interacting with their Elders?

What did you like/ didn't you like?

What could be done differently? 

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* 5. How important did you find the structured empathy-building activities ( such as music quiz/ what's in common/ trivia/ conversations starters/ Deep Speak/ School of Life Questions) 

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* 7. Please add any other thoughts or questions you may have at this stage to help us build a better program for future IGS students and Opal residents.

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