Background Information and Instructions

Wollaston Township invites all permanent and seasonal residents to become part of the process resulting in a Community-Based Strategic Plan helping to guide local decision-making over the next ten years.  Your participation in the Future Directions Survey 2017 will ensure that the resulting plan will be a true reflection of the issues and opportunities that you and your fellow community members have identified. 

There are two ways to complete the survey:
1.   on-line by visiting the homepage at 
2.   by completing a hard copy.
Hard copies can be deposited  in the drop box located in the Township Office, the Coe Hill Cafe or Coe Hill Country Market, or can be mailed to Wollaston Township at 90 Wollaston Lake Rd., Coe Hill, ON K0L 1P0.  Additional hard copies will be available at the Municipal Office.  

All the results are confidential and will be reported in total numbers with no identifiable individuals or organizations.  The results will form part of the Wollaston Township Community-Based Strategic Plan that will be finalized by Council and released in the late fall of 2017.

In addition to this survey, there are other ways for you to provide input to the plan:  

1.   Participate in a Focus Group
Focus groups for seniors, young families, seasonal residents and the business community will be conducted from August through September with the assistance of Chris Drost and Avis Price of Grant Writing Solutions.               

2.    Participate at a Public Meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 4 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Wollaston Community Centre.

Residents are encouraged to attend the public meeting, whether or not they have already completed a survey, as this is an opportunity for broader community discussion.

Your input is valuable.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey either on-line or in hard copy form. 

The deadline for completing the survey is September 21, 2017.

* 1. Are you a permanent or seasonal resident?

* 2. Do you operate a business in Wollaston Township?

* 3. If you answered Yes to the previous question, please answer this question.  If you answered No to the previous question, please proceed to Question 7.   Please describe your business.  Check all that apply.

* 4. What do you think makes businesses stay in Wollaston?

* 5. What are the greatest challenges of operating a business in Wollaston Township?

* 6. How could Wollaston Township best help the local business sector?

* 7. What category best describes you?  (the person completing the survey)

* 8. If you are a seasonal resident, what are your future intentions in the next 5 years?  If you are a permanent/year-long resident please skip to Question 9.  Please check all that apply.

* 9. How would  you rate the following services offered by Wollaston Township?

  Excellent Good Fair Needs improvement Not sure/not applicable
Response/helpfulness of municipal staff to inquiries
Council member responsiveness to ideas/concerns
Building inspection services
Waste Management
Road repair - spring through fall
Winter snow plowing
Care of public park areas
Fire Services
Communication between Township/Council and the Community
Library services
Local initiatives to support year-round tourism (i.e. trail system, parks, special events)
Recreational activities for seniors
Recreational activities for adults up to age 65
Recreational activities for children and youth
Community special events
Protection and celebration of local heritage sites and buildings
Cultural and entertainment opportunities
Attractiveness of the downtown area
Directional road signage
Overall quality of the environment
Promotion of local attractions and upcoming events (i.e. The Gut, Nellie Lunn Park, Bike Skills Park)

* 10. How would you rate these other services as a permanent or seasonal resident of Wollaston Township?

  Excellent Good Fair Needs improvement Not sure/not applicable
Internet services
Cell service
Local availability of goods and services
Access to banking services
Access to public transportation serices
Access to medical services 
Access to suitable housing
Access to quality child care

* 11. Should Wollaston Township continue the Community Improvement Program (C.I.P.) where funds are available for approved property enhancements within the hamlet of Coe Hill, as resources permit?

* 12. Should Wollaston Township encourage more home-based businesses?

* 13. Should Wollaston Township continue to lobby to keep the Coe Hill Public School open?

* 14. What is the best way to communicate with you?  Please check all that apply.

* 15. How often do you participate in the following activities?

  Often Occasionally Would like to start Not interested Not sure
Boating/motor, canoeing, kayaking etc.
Snow shoeing/cross-country skiing
ATV riding
Bicycling/Bike Skills Park
Horseback riding
Library programs/reading
Attending special community events in Wollaston Township
Anitque/gift shop/art gallery visiting
Farmer's Market
Public beach
Visit a hot spot for internet access
Restaurants in Wollaston Township

* 16. What suggestions do you have for additional uses of the Wollaston Recreation Pavilion?

* 17. What would make the Wollaston Recreation Pavilion more useable for a variety of activities?

* 18. What should the Township's top three priorities be for the next ten years?  Please choose only 3 options or add your own.

* 19. What do you think is Wollaston's greatest asset, the one with the most potential to help strengthen the community?

* 20. What do you think is Wollaston's greatest weakness, the one that could threaten its future ?

* 21. Do you have ideas for new community events?

* 22. What are three realistic projects Wollaston could work on in the next five years?

* 23. What should Wollaston try to be the best at, to become known for, something to set it apart from other small rural communities?

* 24. If you left Wollaston for ten years and are now returning, what would you hope to see happening?

* 25. For small communities to meet their goals, "community champions" (individuals who are excited about making change or carrying out a specific project for the community), are needed.  Community Champions can bring much needed skills to an initiative.  What efforts would you be willing to champion in Wollaston over the next five years?  Please check all that apply.

* 26. If you are interested in becoming a Community Champion, please include your contact information here, or contact Jennifer Cohen at or 613 332 5731.

* 27. Do you have any other comments, ideas or suggestions?